The theater provides a unique opportunity for students spanning many grades, backgrounds, and interests to come together and create something together. Those who have previously been involved in theatrical productions, whether they be at the school or community level, know that there is much work that goes on behind the scenes leading up to a successful production. In order to ensure the success of our production of our annual production at Sun Valley, the following policies have been developed. Please read over them and kindly fill out the electronic acknowledgement form. Thank you!

Volunteer/Fundraising Acknowledgement Form

Volunteer Policy

Each family of participating students is asked to volunteer for at least one need. We understand that time availability varies between families. When you visit our volunteer sign up, you will see that volunteer opportunities span a wide range of time commitments, from very little, to more extensive.  Please sign up for one volunteer slot to begin. After all families have had an opportunity to select volunteer duties, we will ask for help with filling any uncovered volunteer slots.

Volunteer Sign Up

Please contact Mrs. Hazlett to inquire about volunteering to help Sun Valley Theater Program
Elizabeth Hazlett:  ehazlett@pdsd.org

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Fundraising Policy

A successful production depends on adequate funding. At Sun Valley, our theater is entirely self-sustaining—which means we rely solely on monies from our various fundraising avenues to fund all theater productions. To ensure the success of our production, each family of participating students is asked to contribute to these fundraising efforts in the amount of $50. This can be achieved through the sale of 5 shout-outs, one quarter-page ad, or participation in our annual campaign (to be determined)(or a combination of these things). You may also donate this amount directly to the theater in cash or check made out to Sun Valley High School. Fundraising efforts above the amount of $50 are, of course, welcome, and there will be prizes awarded to the top three fundraising students.

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