Damn Yankees Cast List

*Please note: There will be small speaking roles and solos selected from the ensemble, as well as featured  dancers. Thank you to all who auditioned! If you would like to discuss your audition to get feedback for the future, please contact Mrs. Hazlett. All students with an asterisk (*) should see Mrs. Hazlett at NMS after school on Wednesday, December 23rd to pick up a script.

Cast List

Mr. Applegate: Connor Gillies*
Joe Boyd/Hardy: Gianni Palmarini*
Meg Boyd: Sydney Lamoureux*
Lola: Kaitlin McCombs*
Van Buren: Eric Kennedy*
Gloria Thorpe: Jacqueline Scheck*
Doris: Caitlyn McKniff*
Sister: Moira McKniff*
Welch: Ryan Schmidt*
Lynch: Jeff Bynum*
Miss Weston: Emma Robinson*
Commissioner: Isaiah Griffin*
Guard: Jared Volturo*

Ball Players

Rocky: Tommy Christaldi*
Smokey: Tyler Smith*
Vernon: Matt Gane*
Henry: David Valentine*
Lowe: Zack Volturo*
Bouley(/Postmaster) : Nick Kafazi*
Sohovik: Justin Balchiunas*
Linville(/Comm.): Isaiah Griffin*


Ensemble Costume Requirements

Alexis Bingeman
Grace Coleman
Kyri Colson
Heather DeSanto
Jamie DiBona
Bridget DiCamillo
Kaitlin Gong
Tori Grieco
Breanna Hulton
Emily Jones
Nina Kaur
Adriana Kelly
Angelica Lara
Vivian Long
Alyssa Madden
Marissa Massini
Gabby Maynes
Julie Miron

Hayley Moore
Amanda Neubauer
Caroline Nicholson
Elizabeth Powell
Hailey Poole
Allison Riley
Lindsey Romesburg
Melodie Senwesky
Elizabeth Seravello
Nina Shicatano
Jamie Simonds
Maura Stokarski
Ryane Taggett
Emily Taylor
Kimmy Taylor
Molly Thuer
Zoe Tutlo