Sun Valley Theater Wins Two Top Cappie Awards!

ASTON, PA –Sun Valley had a great showing at the Cappies on Saturday night at Eastern Regional High School in Vorhees, NJ. The cast of The Music Man competed with more than 30 public and private high schools in the Greater Philadelphia Area and were nominated for four Cappies. Not only did students get to perform their Best Song nominated “Marian the Librarian” for more than 200 of their Greater Philadelphia area peers, but they took home two top awards. Sydney Lamoureux won the Cappie for Best Comedic Actress in a Musical, and Gianni Palmarini won the Cappie for Best Male Vocalist in a Musical. These are two of the most competitive categories in the Cappies competition. This is exciting news for Sun Valley Theater as Sun Valley has only had one previous winner in the history of participating in the Cappies. Read more

Download Pics from The Music Man 2015!

Now you can download full size, high resolution images of our 2015 Sun Valley production of The Music Man. Simply visit our new Music Man Photo Gallery page to browse photos or use the link to our Flickr Photostream to download your favorite shots in full high resolution. They’re FREE!

The Leading Team of The Music Man

Lauren Longhi & Gianni Palmarini

Lauren Longhi & Gianni Palmarini

The Music Man’s title is a curious one considering much of the story revolves around the transformation of the two main characters: Harold Hill, the slippery salesman and Marian Paroo, the music teacher and librarian of fictional River City, Iowa. While Hill moves closer toward having sympathy for the towns people he plans to dupe, Marian finds a way to open her heart to someone who doesn’t necessarily measure up to her ideal.

Both roles require the actors to convey that transformation. And the well-cast Sun Valley production has delivered two actors who attack the challenge with precision and grace.

Senior Lauren Longhi’s Marian is a study in restraint. Her glorious vocals infuse the show with professionalism and beauty while her measured portrayal of Marian lends the role a dignity that supports the character’s commitment to her family and her town. Considering it’s Lauren’s first lead, her performance is a break out one. Read more

Dressing the Music Man

Making The Music Man requires reproducing a moment in time. In 1912 Howard Taft was president, the 47th and 48th star was added to the flag, and the mighty titanic made its first and last voyage. Crossword puzzles weren’t invented yet, 95% of births took place at home and the average worker made between $200 and $400 per year. Women wouldn’t vote for another eight years.

Many women in America still made their own clothes. Inspired by the new empire waistline, fuller skirts and beautiful draping with soft, floaty fabrics was becoming the norm. Hats with lavish brims were suspended like magic and smothered in ribbon and plumage.

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Great Hawk! It’s The Comedy Crew


Michael Mann plays Marcellus Washburn

Ye Gods! Great Hawk! Jeely Kly! The comedic genius of Meredith Willson’s The Music Man is in every line of the Broadway script. From songs like Harold Hill’s “Ya Got Trouble” to quick hitting “phraseology” in every scene, the actors portraying the inhabitants of fictional River City, Iowa demand comic timing and a grasp of middle- America circa 1912.

In this regard, Liz Hazlett’s casting satisfies and surprises! With access to performers in the 6 – 12th grade, there was much talent to choose from. From experienced performers like senior Michael Mann to the developing talent of eighth grader Tommy Christaldi, every actor brings something wonderful to this production. Read more

Ladies of the Dance

Dominique DelGiorno, Ava Ruggieri and Kassidy Lambert

Dominique DelGiorno, Ava Ruggieri and Kassidy Lambert

The Sun Valley and Northley students who make up the cast of The Music Man are fortunate to work with a collection of professionals in the arts. That includes choreographer Jaquetta Colson, a dance teaching artist and choreographer for the education department at the Kimmel Center for Performing Arts. She also is owner and director of Living Arts Dance & Fitness Studios in Fairmount whose primary mission is to provide affordable, professional performing arts and fitness programs to all. Read more

On the Front Lines

Stage Managers Hannah McGinn & Jocelyn Kline

Stage Managers Hannah McGinn & Jocelyn Kline

Hannah McGinn and Jocelyn Kline have front row seats for the making of The Music Man. As stage managers for the musical production, both juniors are required to attend every rehearsal. And like director Liz Hazlett, they know first hand the time and talent necessary to produce a show that a few thousand students and their families will pay to see. Read more

Get Your A Cappella On

Billy Fisher, Gavin Sekel, Eric Kennedy and Oniel Salik

Billy Fisher, Gavin Sekel, Eric Kennedy and Oniel Salik

Sun Valley is fortunate to have a wealth of students in the arts – especially with vocal talent.  And it’s Music Director Suzanne Calise’s role to tease out the best they have to offer for The Music Man.

As a vocal teacher for nearly twenty years, Suzanne has taught her share of young people.   She’s also worked with various directors to help produce musicals in both Penn Delco and Garnet Valley School Districts.  And working music with 90+ students over several weeks is an undertaking. Read more

Partners in Production

HelpersWhether it’s athletics, music or any other organized activity, contributions made by parent volunteers are an integral part of any school’s success. Producing a musical for a few thousand people over one long weekend is no exception.

Whether they volunteer to build sets, sell ads, apply make-up or bake goodies for sale, it’s the moms and dads of the dozens of student performers who make it happen — in countless, often unrecognized ways.

Bonnie Gane and Regina Shicatano are two of many who have been corralling enthusiastic parents at Penn Delco for years. Whether it’s a variety show in the grade school or a district-wide musical at the high school level, Bonnie and Regina have in some way contributed to or led the charge. Read more

Sun Valley Theater Takes on The Music Man

mmlogo2Producing a high school musical is a complicated task for any educator. Choosing a title that suits your school and its current collection of talent can be complicated. With a wealth of classic options (pre-1970’s) as well as an array of popular contemporary offerings and Disney choices — you can get a real headache! Read more